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Chilling and drinking

The way we see it there’s those that get their pleasure from the drink and those that get their pleasure from the glass it comes in. The Wine Bar sets out to please whatever your preference as well as keeping a few head turning secrets up it’s sleeve to ensure you have a fabulous choice of spirits and cocktails so mouth-wateringly delicious you are likely to want to drown in them.

And if the atmosphere’s not purring or throbbing to your fancy, select your own ambiance and moody lighting and enjoy the drama from a distance curled up in the comfort and sanctuary of your own room with a very agreeable and special take to-bed drinks list

Happy drinking


Monday- Thursday
Drinks 5.00pm -11.00pm // Dinner 6.00pm – 9pm ( 9.30pm Thursday )

Drinks 12 noon – 2.00am // Lunch 12 noon – 2.00pm // Dinner 6.00pm – 9.30pm

Drinks 12 noon – 2.00am // Lunch 12 noon – 6.00pm // Dinner 6.00pm – 9.30pm


Wine menu


Late Bar DJ & Cocktails

There is occasional live music on Fridays and Saturdays from 9.30pm always followed by a late night lounge DJ until 2.00am.

The crowd for the late night slots is an eclectic mix of professionals, musicians, international mature students and the over 25’s. The nights appeal to those who a appreciate a smart but relaxed venue and who are looking for a chilled hassle free night where they can mix with a fun loving, well behaved and friendly group of people.


Ladies days

Ladies days are most popular at lunch times and in the afternoons , particularly Saturdays.

So if you have a group of friends who would like to catch up and ‘while away’ a few hours, why not reserve a ladies day package.

Choose your favourite table and take lunch or dinner with a complimentary glass of Prosecco on arrival. There is also a pleasant thank you for the organiser in recognition of all the work involved in getting everyone together.

Ladies day bookings are for parties taking main courses or full meals from the a la carte menu and vouchers or other incentive offers are not valid with this special package

A minimum of a two course lunch with a main course per person

Minimum 4 persons

Surprises and Treats


If you feel like treating yourself, or if you have a special occasion to celebrate you will love the Sopranos Treasure Chests.

Inside your treasure chest there is Belgian chocolates, a bottle of champagne and two shots of your favourite liqueur – The champagne is also served in so ‘ Oh so nice’ head turning glasses. Feel like a king and Queen and enjoy.


Well you don’t actually have to be in love for this one but it helps. Our love nest is located at the very end of the restaurant tucked in ‘ a velvet curtained hideaway’ all by itself. A perfect venue to enjoy a Treasure Chest but also a very popular spot for friends who have some serious ‘catching up to do.’

Private parties


You can hire part or all of Sopranos Bistro or the Hotel’s harbour view Passionata suite for your private party.

Enjoy a three course sit down meal or a range of buffets from inexpensive nibbles to accompany your drinks or a full fork or sit down buffet.

Live music and a dance area can also be arranged for these bookings if they are on an evening a midweek night when there is non scheduled

Sit down meals 24 – 60 and Buffets up to 100

See our buffet menus with drinks nibbles starting from as little as £5.00

If you would like exclusive use of Sopranos but have limited numbers we can still negotiate a price that allows you to have the venue to yourself. Exclusive use of the Passionata suite for presentations in private can also be accompanied with food and or drink in the Bistro and Wine bar afterwards



You can arrange a function meal any day of the week, using a particular part of the restaurant if you want e.g. the main restaurant area, the alcove or the alcove and the main restaurant area.

If you want to organize an Event between Sunday and Wednesday we can usually offer some very competitive pricing as well.

If it’s just a casual gathering, like drinks after work for a small celebration or a leaving party, we can set aside part of the bar for you – just give us some advanced warning.

Gift vouchers

Sopranos Hotel Aberdeen | City Centre | Restaurant | Bistro | Wine Bar

Gift vouchers are available in £10.00, £20.00 and £50.00 vouchers.

A great gift to use in the Wine Bar, Bistro or for Hotel accommodation





For more details tel 07949 438878 or



Soprano Hotels Aberdeen | Restaurant | Bistro | Wine Bar
Soprano Hotels Aberdeen | Restaurant | Bistro | Wine Bar

Soprano Hotels Aberdeen | Restaurant | Bistro | Wine Bar
Soprano Hotels Aberdeen | Restaurant | Bistro | Wine Bar

Soprano Hotels Aberdeen | Restaurant | Bistro | Wine Bar
Soprano Hotels Aberdeen | Restaurant | Bistro | Wine Bar

Soprano Hotels Aberdeen | Restaurant | Bistro | Wine Bar
Soprano Hotels Aberdeen | Restaurant | Bistro | Wine Bar